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3 Truck Fleet Management Tips July 17, 2020

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3 Truck Fleet Management Tips, Fairbanks, Alaska

Most companies that have logistical operations requiring the transportation of goods and products will need a fleet of commercial trucks to function. As a truck fleet manager, you're tasked with the upkeep and proper use of such vehicles, which includes routine auto maintenance, safety checks, and comprehensive training for fleet drivers, among other responsibilities. It's a tough job, but here are three tips to follow that will improve the way you manage your fleet.

How Can You Manage Your Truck Fleet Effectively?

1. Establish Written Policies 

Safety should be your priority as a fleet manager, and to do this, you'll need to have strict rules and regulations in place. This means firm orders on regular auto maintenance and attendance on training schedules. However, people tend to forget if these are only verbally announced. Make sure that you write them on a document and have your drivers sign that they have understood its contents and the implications if they are not followed. Place a copy in highly visible areas of your fleet to gently but continuously remind your workers that such policies exist. 

2. Track Schedules 

auto maintenanceWith many drivers on your team, monitoring their behavior and tracking maintenance schedules might be challenging. Doing these tasks, however, will help you significantly when managing your fleet. Create a spreadsheet where you can track mileage readings, inspections, and warranties, so you can also manage costs and ensure that every truck is maintained equally. Write them on a board and set a reminder for yourself so you can also advise your drivers on upcoming routine services needed for their trucks.

3. Set Fleet Goals

Gently point out to your drivers the mission and vision of your company. Whether this is in terms of revenue or an increase in the number of clients, your drivers will be more encouraged to do their best if they know what they are fulfilling for the company. This way, you can also know which areas your fleet works great and which areas need improvement.


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