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4 Signs it's Time for an Oil Change July 13, 2020

Twin, Ross
4 Signs it's Time for an Oil Change, Twin, Ohio

Getting a regular oil change is one of the most significant auto maintenance tasks, as it extends your engine’s life and prevents unnecessary breakdowns. Unfortunately, many drivers forget to do this because it is only necessary a few times per year. Below are a few signs that your engine needs fresh lubricant.

4 Signs You Need an Oil Change

1. Old Oil

Over time, the oil loses its viscosity and cannot properly lubricate engine components. It also collects debris that can damage the engine and hoses it travels through. While many people believe that an oil change is necessary every 3,000 miles, this is outdated knowledge. Your owners manual will tell you the precise timing for your vehicle, but modern engines can go 5,000 to 10,000 before needing one.

2. Dashboard Lights Illuminate

Many newer vehicles have a specific dashboard light that is shaped like an oil can to tell you that it is time for a replacement. However, the “check engine” light may also come on, which signals that the oil is old and thick. If this happens, you should service the car soon, as the thick oil will not provide the proper lubrication, and can cause expensive engine damage.

3. Before a Road Trip

oil changeBefore heading off on a long trip, you should tuneup the vehicle to prevent breakdowns that could derail your adventure. Consider changing the oil before leaving on a trip of more than 1,000 miles. If your road trip is closer to 3,000 miles total, schedule an oil change when you return to minimize wear and tear on your car during daily driving. 

4. Thick Exhaust

While some older vehicles emit visible exhaust from the tailpipe, emissions from newer cars and trucks should be invisible. Thick smoke coming from the tailpipe often stems from worn-out engine oil. However, this could also indicate cracked gaskets or other serious problems.


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