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5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer May 27, 2020

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5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer, Texarkana, Texas

As a parent, you want your child to enjoy their education instead of viewing it as a chore. Summer is the perfect time to show kids that learning can be fun. Try these activities together when they’re on a break from school or their preschool program.

5 Innovative Tips for Keeping Kids Mentally Active

1. Conquer a Summer Reading List

Whether your little one is into picture books or is already reading on their own, create a list of literature to tackle this summer. In addition to boosting their comprehension skills, reading to your child is also a great way to bond. Talk to your child about what you read, discussing characters, plot, and what they did and didn’t enjoy. 

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of warm weather and head to a park or public nature reserve with your child. Come up with a list of local critters and plants to look for, from butterflies to dandelions. You can teach your child about these creatures as you discover them, such as their natural habitats and predators.

3. Grow a Garden

Planting a garden together allows children to learn about different types of plants and biological processes, such as photosynthesis. Kids can also gain confidence as they create their very own garden. If you plant fruits or vegetables, you can cook together once they’ve grown.

4. Make a Tasty Treat

preschool programIf it’s too hot for outdoor activities, stay inside and make popsicles or an easy no-churn ice cream. It’s an excellent way for kids to learn about measurements and math. They can learn fractions, count ingredients, and read the recipe instructions aloud. 

5. Volunteer Together

Learning doesn’t always have to be about skills like math or reading. You also want to raise someone compassionate. Including them in a volunteer activity, like putting together canned food donations, teaches them to be kind and put others before themselves. 


Wake Village Playskool of Texas is dedicated to helping parents find innovative ways to keep kids engaged in learning. They have been offering school preparation and preschool programs since 1977. Their team focuses not only on traditional classroom learning but also on broader social skills, like sharing. Find out more about their school preparation and preschool programs by viewing their website or calling (903) 838-5424.

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