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3 Tips for Keeping Your Saltwater Pool Clean May 27, 2020

Orange Beach, Baldwin
3 Tips for Keeping Your Saltwater Pool Clean, Orange Beach, Alabama

With a saltwater swimming pool, you can enjoy the feel of the ocean even when a visit to the beach isn’t an option. Because they don’t use chlorine, these pools don’t give off harsh chemical smells or aggravate allergies, which makes them an enormously popular amenity for vacation rentals. While they do require less maintenance than traditional pools, there are a few steps you should take to keep them clean.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Saltwater Pool

1. Check the Salt Level Regularly

A pool that’s too salty could cause skin irritation and burning eyes, while too little sodium chloride makes the water more hospitable to algae. Checking the salt level every month and making adjustments as needed will help ensure your pool stays clean and clear.

2. Keep Dirt Out

vacation rentalsDirt and debris can get tracked into the pool on your feet or might blow in on the wind. Rinsing off before getting into the pool will help keep the water clear and free of grit. Property owners should also use the skimmer two or three times a week to remove floating debris before it settles to the bottom.

3. Keep the Equipment Clean

The pump, filter, and skimmer take most of the work out of pool maintenance, so keep your equipment clean and stay alert for signs of trouble. Ideally, you should clean the skimmer and filter at least once a week and clean the salt generator once per month. Low water levels are an indication that some of the equipment may have buildup. If the water levels seem low, try spraying out the pipes or filter screen with a garden hose.


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