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How Happy Hours Can Benefit Your Company Culture July 13, 2020

Harlem, Manhattan
How Happy Hours Can Benefit Your Company Culture, Manhattan, New York

As a company, you strive to offer great service or product with the most efficiency you can muster. However, focusing exclusively on efficiency can cause your workplace culture to tank, leading to dissatisfied employees and a stagnant work environment. To help you fight this issue, regular team happy hours are an excellent idea. Learn why below.

How Can Happy Hours Make My Employees More Satisfied?

Scheduling a happy hour is a way to show your employees that you’re grateful for the work they do. That appreciation, combined with the chance to unwind after a day in the office, can boost your company culture, especially if you routinely schedule happy hour events. A happy workforce also makes it easier to recruit talented team members—your positive company culture can make a name for yourself.

Happy hours aren’t just a great way to unwind—they can also help your employees bond outside of work. Even if your company’s day-to-day business involves a lot of collaboration, your employees may not develop actual friendships with their co-workers. Getting everyone together at a happy hour gives them a chance to bond, and makes it more likely that they’ll enjoy coming in to work because they enjoy the people they work with.

How Should I Prepare for a Happy Hour?

happy hourIf you have employees who are underage or choose not to drink for other reasons, a happy hour at a traditional bar can be unenjoyable. Instead, schedule your happy hour at a restaurant, where these employees can enjoy a delicious bite instead of alcohol.

Leave attendance optional so no one feels pressured to attend, and encourage drinking in moderation so that everything stays professional. Send out office-wide reminders so employees remember the happy hour ahead of time.



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