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3 Common Air Conditioner Repairs Needed in Early Summer July 1, 2020

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3 Common Air Conditioner Repairs Needed in Early Summer, Thomasville, North Carolina

If you live in the South, you likely switched your HVAC system over to cooling sometime in the spring. If you did so without scheduling seasonal maintenance, though, you may run into a problem or two. Summer puts a lot of stress on an AC unit, so it’s only natural that worn parts covered in dust and dirt will struggle to work or fail. Here are a few of the most common air conditioner repairs homeowners tend to need this time of the year. 

Early-Summer AC Troubleshooting Tips

1. Cycling Too Frequently

If your air runs for a few minutes, turns off, and then turns back on a minute or two later, this is known as short cycling. First, check the air filter. A dirty filter could be decreasing the airflow and causing the unit to kick on more frequently in order to reach the thermostat setting. For most households, a new filter at least once per season is recommended.

If changing the filter doesn’t work, it’s time to call an air conditioner repair technician. They’ll inspect the system for a refrigerant leak or dirty condenser coil. They’ll also check your thermostat, as a broken or improperly placed one may be causing irregularities.

2. Lack of Cold Air

air conditioner repairIn many instances, an air conditioner blowing out warm air is the result of a minor issue that you can quickly resolve on your own. First, check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker and make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” and not “fan” or “heat.” 

If these areas look good, the filter may again be the culprit due to reduced airflow. If the air continues to blow warm after completing these troubleshooting steps, call a technician to check your refrigerant levels and possibly clean the condenser drainpipe.

3. Weird Noises

Modern ACs are relatively quiet, so a new loud or annoying sound is bound to get your attention. In many instances, a banging or clanging is the sign that a part has come loose and is now hitting or rubbing against other parts. A buzz or hum could indicate an electrical issue or be an early sign that your blower or condenser is failing.

Meanwhile, a squeal is likely a sign of failing fans. In any instance, if the sound wasn’t there before, it’s best to turn off the system and call a technician to avoid further damage.


Don’t suffer through the heat this summer. If you suspect an issue with your HVAC system, contact the professionals at Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning in Thomasville, NC, for fast solutions. For over 20 years, this locally owned business has provided high-quality heater and air conditioner repairs, installations, and maintenance. Call them at (336) 472-5858 to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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