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A Guide to Uneven Skin Texture  July 7, 2020

Seattle, King
A Guide to Uneven Skin Texture , Seattle, Washington

Uneven skin texture affects all skin types and tones. Flaky, rough, or bumpy skin isn’t only uncomfortable but also prevents a smooth complexion. Here are some potential causes and how laser skin treatment can help.

What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

Dry skin, resulting from insufficient oils and lipids, leads to uneven texture. When cells are dry, they have a hard time shedding and thus allowing room for new ones. As a result, your skin might appear dull, flaky, and rough.

Acne will also affect your skin texture. Whether you have small raised bumps or cysts, it will create a bumpy and uncomfortable surface. For some, acne might only occur in certain areas, like the forehead or chin. For others, it might cover large areas.

Acne can be caused by factors such as genetics, hormones, and bacteria. As acne heals, your skin’s inflammatory response might interrupt the regular production of collagen and thus create scars.

With time, your skin cells turn over at a slower rate, and the supply of collagen and elastin becomes depleted. As a result, the skin will become rougher and develop wrinkles.  

How Can Laser Skin Treatment Help?

laser skin treatmentLaser skin treatments can achieve the smooth skin you desire. Depending on your needs, laser resurfacing will employ one of the following lasers: non-fractional ablative, fractional ablative, non-fractional non-ablative, and fractional non-ablative. 

Ablative lasers employ dermal heat to remove layers of the epidermis. Non-ablative lasers, which are considered less invasive, heat the tissue without removing it.

Instead, they stimulate your body to produce more collagen and thus fill in those unwanted fine lines. However, because they’re less invasive, they don’t work as quickly.

Non-fractional lasers will treat large areas at once, whereas fractional lasers target small areas. Non-fractional ablative and fractional ablative methods are the most aggressive procedures and are thus typically used for more severe skin texture unevenness. Alternatively, non-fractional non-ablative and fractional non-ablative methods are used for minor texture unevenness. 


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