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4 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Physical Therapy May 27, 2020

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4 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Physical Therapy, Church Point, Louisiana

If you’re recovering from surgery, have been in an accident, or dealing with aches and pains, physical therapy can be essential for living a pain-free life. However, like any physical activity, what you get out of your physical therapy depends a lot on how much you put in. Below are a few tips for maximizing the results of your therapy sessions and getting back in shape as quickly as possible.

How Can You Maximize the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

1. Prepare a Timeline

The more information you can give your therapist, the more effective the therapy program will be. Write down a timeline of how your symptoms developed, including whether the pain traveled to different parts of your body or changed over time. For instance, stiffness that eventually becomes tingling or burning sensations could indicate a pinched nerve, which physical therapy may be able to correct.

2. Go to Every Appointment

physical therapy-Church Point, LAPhysical therapy can be exhausting, but reaching your improvement goals depends on going to all of your appointments. After minor surgery, you may only need two or three sessions, while serious injuries may require long-term care. No matter your needs, how quickly you recover depends on you attending all of the scheduled therapy appointments.

3. Communicate With Your Therapist

Talking to your therapist will help them tailor a program to your needs and avoid potential injury. During the movements, let them know if something hurts or if the exercise doesn’t seem particularly challenging. Asking questions will also help you shape your expectations and get an idea of how long your recovery should take.

4. Exercise at Home

Your physical therapy appointments are only one part of your recovery program. To get the best results, you’ll need to follow your therapist’s instructions and do the exercises at home on your own. A spare bedroom can make a great exercise area, or you may consider signing up for a local gym if your therapy needs more equipment than you have at home.

As one of Louisiana’s most trusted physical therapy clinics, The Road Home Therapy Center is dedicated to helping patients throughout Church Point build better tomorrows. Their fully licensed therapists offer a wide range of treatment options, using proven techniques that can be tailored to your unique needs. Visit their website for more on their wide range of services, or call (337) 684-6318 to schedule an appointment.

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