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3 Diabetic Foot Care Tips July 7, 2020

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3 Diabetic Foot Care Tips, Norwich, Connecticut

If you’re among the 34.2 million Americans with diabetes, you have a higher risk than the average person of developing foot problems such as calluses, sores, and blisters. When they’re not properly cared for, they can become infected. Here’s how to diligently follow a diabetic foot care plan that will keep you healthy.

How to Practice Proper Diabetic Foot Care

1. Cleanse & Moisturize Daily

Keeping your feet clean is essential to avoid infection, and moisturizing will prevent dry skin from cracking, which can allow harmful germs to enter the body. Wash your feet each day with soap and warm water, then apply a generous amount of moisturizer all around each foot. Dry your feet thoroughly and remove excess lotion before putting on your socks and shoes.

2. Inspect Your Feet Carefully

diabetic foot careAfter cleansing and before moisturizing, take a few minutes to examine your feet. This is particularly important if diabetes has caused nerve damage in this area, as you may not be able to feel pain and discomfort from cuts, cracks, and sores.

Look out for new wounds and check pre-existing cuts to make sure they’re healing in a timely manner. If an area looks infected or isn’t healing properly, make an appointment with your podiatrist as quickly as possible.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

A blister on the foot can become a serious issue for someone with diabetes. Wearing well-cushioned shoes that fit properly can prevent them from forming.

When your shoes are too big, they move around and create friction, and when they’re too small, they put undue pressure on the feet. Avoid walking barefoot as much as you can to keep wounds protected from dirt, germs, and other bacteria that could cause infection.


For help managing diabetic foot care, make an appointment with one of the skilled podiatrists at Eastern CT Foot Specialists in Norwich and North Windham, CT. For over 25 years, they’ve been providing individuals throughout Eastern Connecticut with first-rate diagnostic services and medical treatments for everything from painful corns and calluses to injuries and diabetic complications. To make an appointment,  call (860) 887-3538 for the Norwich office or (860) 456-9593 for the North Windham location. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

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