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4 Tips for Keeping Your Grass Green July 4, 2020

Monroe, Fairfield County
4 Tips for Keeping Your Grass Green, Monroe, Connecticut

Homeowners often struggle with yellowing or patchy grass. From using top-notch equipment like an electric lawn mower to following watering tips, there are many ways to improve the lawn. Here’s some advice to keep the grass in top shape.

How Can You Improve Your Grass?

1. Water in the Morning

If you water the grass later in the day, the sun will be high above the yard and will quickly evaporate much of the moisture. Ensure the grass is getting all the water by doing it in the morning. The cooler air and often calmer winds will promote soaking into the dirt, safeguarding the grass blades from drying out as the air heats up.

2. Limit Traffic When Seeding 

electric lawn mowerIf you plan to seed the grass to promote thick coverage, prevent traffic in those areas. Keep dogs and children in the front yard while you seed the back and vice versa.

Water the new plants frequently and only allow pets and children to walk over the areas after the grass is several inches tall. At this stage, the roots are well-established, and getting stepped on won’t damage the blades.

Use your electric lawn mower to cut down fresh growth after it’s 3 ½ inches long, or about 8 weeks after planting. This timeframe prevents the heavy mower from injuring the grass by cutting or rolling over it.

3. Aerate the Soil

All species of grass need air to flourish. Your backyard soil may be compacted, forcing air out and limiting how much water can access the grass roots.

Aerate the yard with a rolling aerator that creates tiny divots that allow water to permeate a few inches into the soil. You could also don spiked shoe covers and walk around the grass to aerate the dirt.

4. Fertilize

Grass stores nutrients in the tops of the blades. When you use an electric lawn mower to cut off the tips, you're removing their nutrient source.

Make sure the grass has plenty of food by using a spray or pellet fertilizer formulated for the species. These options will offer potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to encourage thick, luscious growth.


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