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A Brief Guide to Car Water Pumps July 13, 2020

Geneseo, Livingston
A Brief Guide to Car Water Pumps, Geneseo, New York

While you’re driving your car, the engine and parts under the hood will heat up. Without an effective cooling system, your car can overheat and may even require engine repair. While a water pump may seem like a relatively small piece of manufacturing, it’s essential in preventing your car from overheating and preserving the longevity of your engine. Below is a brief guide to the water pump’s role and how to tell if it needs to be replaced.

What Do Water Pumps Do?

The water pump maintains your car’s internal temperature by flushing the engine block, radiator, and hoses with coolant. The pump, serpentine belt, and crankshaft pulley all work in tandem to cycle the fluid through the running engine. 

The belt and pump will likely last between 60 and 90 thousand miles. If you’ve recently purchased a new car, have the water pump inspected. Your mechanic can tell you what sort of shape it’s in and give you an estimate of how much longer it will last.

Signs of Water Pump Problems

engine repair

Leaking Coolant or Fluids

If one of the pump’s seals cracks or wears out, it can cause the coolant to leak. A more substantial leak can drip red or green liquid onto the ground underneath your car. Smaller leaks will build up around the pump and create rust, requiring an engine repair.

High-Pitched Whining Noises

Unusual noises while accelerating could indicate a worn-out belt or pulley. They may need to be adjusted in order to deliver coolant more efficiently, or it may mean they need replacing.

Overheated Engine

If you notice the engine temperature gauge on your dashboard has jumped from normal to hot, your car is likely overheating. You may also see steam billowing up from under your hood. Pull your vehicle off the road and turn off the engine. 

Call for a tow truck and refrain from operating your vehicle until it has undergone engine repair. Continuing to drive your car can put you in danger and lead to more excessive and expensive damage.


Contact M & R Automotive Service Center in Geneseo, NY, for water pump service, tire maintenance, oil changes, and engine repair. This locally owned and -operated business has supported its customers with personalized and comprehensive care for over 20 years. Call (585) 243-1201 to speak to an auto mechanic or visit the company’s website to view a full list of services. 

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