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Does Kitchen Remodeling Increase a Home's Value? July 10, 2020

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Does Kitchen Remodeling Increase a Home's Value?, Nunda, New York

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project in the near future, you’re probably looking forward to a more attractive and functional space. However, certain remodeling projects also offer other benefits, including adding value to your home. Here are a few factors to consider when calculating the value of home improvements. 

How a Kitchen Remodeling Affects the Value of Your Home

kitchen remodelingThe kitchen is often a make or break aspect when it comes to the sale of real estate. A beautiful, spacious kitchen will delight prospective home buyers, while a cramped, unattractive space can turn buyers away. As a result, a kitchen remodeling project offers a great return on investment to home sellers. 

The average cost for a minor kitchen remodel is $21,198, while the average return is $17,193. That means homeowners will receive an 81.1% return on money put into their remodeling projects. 

Remodeling Projects That Offer the Biggest Return on Investment

Some people imagine a full-scale renovation of their kitchens, while others focus on improving specific areas. In either case, replacing fixtures, as opposed to simply refinishing them, offers more benefits when it comes to a return on investment. Take cabinets, for instance. Replacing your kitchen’s cabinets with better quality materials and a greater emphasis on aesthetics can have a dramatic impact on the space. 

The same can be said of countertop replacements. Counters made from sturdy materials, such as acrylics or granite, look elegant. They’re also able to hold up against common kitchen wear and tear. New lighting will accent your improved fixtures in the kitchen, while refurbished flooring will pull the entire look together. 



Along with making the right remodeling decisions, you must also work with a skilled kitchen remodeling team for the greatest return on investment. In Nunda, NY, Modern Home has over 50 years of experience remodeling numerous kitchens and bathrooms. Choose from a gorgeous selection of materials from trusted manufacturers, including Moen® and Pionite®. They can also help you custom-design your renovation, so it fits your home and budget perfectly. Call (585) 468-2721 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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