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4 Ways to Maintain Your Combination Safe Locks July 10, 2020

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4 Ways to Maintain Your Combination Safe Locks, Anchorage, Alaska

Combination safes are an effective way to store valuables such as documents, money, and jewelry. However, regular use wears down the lock over time. Frequent maintenance not only ensures your assets are protected, but also extends the life of your safe. Before calling a locksmith to repair your safe, try the tips below for the most effective maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Locks

1. Keep Components Clean

Dirty locks work less effectively, so take some time to clean your combination safe. Wipe its handles, locks, and cracks thoroughly with a non-abrasive cloth at least once a month. Safes with a glossy or textured coating can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Make sure to thoroughly wipe up any moisture, as accumulation could lead components to rust over time.

2. Lubricate

locksmithKeep your locks smoothly operating by lubricating them at least once a year. Apply a small amount of manufactured-approved grease or graphite powder to the bolt’s front and bottom. This small action prevents your locks from sticking and jamming over time. 

3. Stay Alert

Knowing the warning signs of a possible lock failure means you can be proactive in finding affordable solutions to fix them. Indicators that you should contact a locksmith include clicking noises when you rotate your lock, dial resistance of any kind, including stiffness and tightness, and your lock’s combination unexpectedly changing caused by a lever or hinge malfunction.

4. Routine Checkups

Periodic maintenance will prevent future lockouts. It’s recommended that combination safes in regular use should be serviced every two to three years. An inspection could include lubrication of your safe’s locks and hinges, along with checking the springs and safe doors to ensure they’re working properly.



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