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FAQ About Car Window Tinting July 10, 2020

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FAQ About Car Window Tinting, Florissant, Missouri

Many modern cars have tinted windows, but if yours aren’t, you may have questions about the process. The process involves technicians applying a thin, laminated film onto your windows, which comes with several benefits. Below are answers to common questions that vehicle owners have about window tinting to help determine if it’s right for you.

Common Questions About Car Window Tinting 

What are the advantages of window tint?

Tinted car windows do not only look cool; they also reduce light glare and heat that enters the car. This means you won’t have to rely on the AC as much to stay comfortable. It can also hold together window pieces during an accident, lowering the risk of injury to passengers. Additionally, depending on how dark the tint is, it can prevent onlookers from peeking into your car.

Are there different levels of the film?

window tintingYes. The level depends on the amount of light you want to pass through. The darker your tint, the less light that can pass through. Some shades allow as little as 5% of ultraviolet light to enter. However, some laws dictate the allowable percentage of light. In Missouri, the front-side windows must allow 35% of light through. The rear and back-side windows can have any level of tint.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the shape and number of windows your vehicle has, the process of window tinting can take between one and four hours. However, if you want to remove and replace old films, it can take up to half a day.

What should I do after the window tinting process?

After the installation, refrain from touching, cleaning, or rolling down your windows for at least a week. This will ensure that the tint dries completely and settles onto your windows. Also, remove your seatbelt carefully so that it doesn’t scratch the film. After this period, use a mild foam cleanser and a soft microfiber cloth to wipe dirt from your windows.


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