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How to Care For Natural-Hair Wigs From the Expert Stylists at Milano Collection November 27, 2015

Brooklyn, New York City, NY
How to Care For Natural-Hair Wigs From the Expert Stylists at Milano Collection, Brooklyn, New York

Milano Collection, based in Los Angeles, is known as the country’s highest quality human-hair wig manufacturer. With high-end satellite locations in New York City and Long Beach, more stylists, fashion houses, and discerning individuals put their trust in Milano Collection than anyone else. 

If you own a natural-hair wig and you’re looking for care tips from a trusted source, check out this guide directly from Milano Collection’s wig stylists:

  • Only Use Professional Styling Tools: Even though Milano Collection wigs are made with virgin European hair and premium quality human hair, they still require a special touch when styling. You should brush or comb your wig gently to prevent hair from coming out. Use professional tools that protect the hair such as ceramic and tourmaline. Do not use excessive heat when styling or it may damage the hair.
  • Store Carefully: Preserving the beautiful natural shape of your wig comes down to proper storage techniques. Keeping your wigs on wig head stands is a great way to extend the life of your wigs and maintain the style you’re going for.
  • Wash Your Wig Like a Pro: Start the cleansing process by detangling your wig on a flat clean surface. Once that's done, rinse the wig root to end in lukewarm water. Finally, you’ll do the shampooing and conditioning, but it’s vital that you only use specially formulated products that are made to cleanse and moisturize wigs. Pay careful attention to what you buy, because some products are only made for synthetic hair wigs and others are only for natural-hair wigs.

For more advice on caring for your beautiful, luxurious, and natural-looking wig, contact the professionals at Milano Collection by visiting them online or calling them at (323) 657-9447