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Disinfect Your Office Printer in 5 Easy Steps May 21, 2020

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Disinfect Your Office Printer in 5 Easy Steps, Jessup, Maryland

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s essential for office managers across the country to take extra precautions to keep employees safe. While sanitizing phones and break rooms may be fairly straightforward, it might be more difficult to keep complicated equipment like laser printers clean and germ-free. Below are a few tips for safely disinfecting your printer without damaging sensitive components.

5 Steps for Disinfecting Your Office Printer

1. Shut Off the Power

Any electronic equipment can shock you if moisture works its way into the wiring. Before cleaning a laser printer or any other device, make sure it’s powered down and unplugged from the power source.

2. Choose the Right Cleaner

laser printerThe best product for cleaning electronics is a 70% alcohol solution, which is potent enough to instantly kill pathogens without damaging your equipment. If you decide to use another product, stay away from anything containing bleach or ammonia, which can quickly destroy the coating on copy machine glass.

3. Don’t Spray the Machine Directly

Even a light dusting of fluid can seep down into the electronics, causing electrical shortages and potentially serious glitches. Instead, spray a clean, lint-free cloth with your chosen cleaner, and use that to wipe the machine.

4. Get All the Frequently Touched Areas

Focus on areas people touch most often when cleaning your printer. For instance, you’ll want to wipe each button individually, all of the paper trays, and the touch screen. If your laser printer also features a copier, don’t forget to open it and clean the interior surface as well.

5. Leave Sanitizing Wipes by the Printer

Disposal sanitizing wipes can also be used on laser printers, as long as they’re free of ammonia and bleach. Giving your employees the ability to sanitize the printer after each use will provide peace of mind and could prevent an office outbreak.


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