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Protect Your Plumbing & Battle Hard Water Stains With These Tips From Osterwisch Company November 27, 2015

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Protect Your Plumbing & Battle Hard Water Stains With These Tips From Osterwisch Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

A high concentration of minerals and lime scale in your water means that keeping your faucets, sinks, and showerheads clean is a never-ending task. It doesn’t take long for brand new hardware to begin to look dull. Osterwisch Company in Cincinnati has spent the last 63 years providing Ohio residents with services that simplify their lives by managing all of their plumbing, electric, and HVAC needs.

They have these tips to help you keep your faucets clean:

  • Install A Water Softener: Hard water drastically affects the lifespan of pipes and other plumbing fixtures. A water softener is a device that uses ion-exchange polymers to remove certain minerals, like calcium and magnesium, from water. The result is water that doesn’t damage plumbing or leave unsightly stains.

  • Use The Vinegar Method: Many cleaning products that claim to be able to handle hard water stains don’t tackle the problem half as well as vinegar does. The first step is to fill up a large bowl with distilled white vinegar. Remove your shower head, and let it soak in the bowl for about an hour. Soon, you will start to notice debris floating in the water. Now all you’ll need to do is rinse the shower head with water, and it will be as good as new. For your faucet, and other hardware that can’t be removed, soak a few paper towels in vinegar, and then wrap them around whatever needs to be cleaned. Leave them there for about an hour, and you will have sparkling clean hardware once again.

Life can be complicated enough without having to manage several different contractors for your mechanical repair needs. Osterwisch Company knows all of the tricks to keep your faucets clean, and they can also help when your heating and cooling system needs attention or you need a new a water heater. Visit their website to find a list of their services, or give them a call at (513) 791-3282 to speak to a representative.