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4 Common Causes of Slow Business Internet July 9, 2020

New York, New York
4 Common Causes of Slow Business Internet, New York, New York

A sluggish internet connection creates roadblocks in every aspect of a business. Even high-speed internet can experience hiccups that set back your operations. Most causes of network problems are easy to fix, so use the following guide to determine what may be bogging down your connection.

Why Is the Internet at My Business Slow?

1. Insufficient Bandwidth

Bandwidth measures how much data your staff can upload and download over your high-speed internet. When too many devices are on a network, the bandwidth can’t accommodate the data transfer and slows down.

Consider all the devices that are connected, including computers, Wi-Fi printers, security systems, smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets. Work with your provider to determine what bandwidth you need to support these devices.

2. Outdated Hardware

high-speed-internet-long-islandA dated router won’t receive and transmit a high-quality Wi-Fi signal. The same goes for firmware. If you haven’t updated the software on the router, it isn’t up-to-date with optimizations and performance tweaks sent by the manufacturer. Buy a device that supports Wi-Fi 6 so your business is ready for the future.

3. Office Size

Routers come with maximum ranges. If you have enterprise-level high-speed internet, invest in several routers to deploy the Wi-Fi to several areas.

You can also purchase extension towers and repeaters that capture the signal and send it to other towers so you can cover a larger area.

4. Router Placement

Cubicles, pillars, metal partitions, elevators, and other physical barriers  interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Place the routers in central locations where signals are transmitted freely in all directions. Do the same with extenders so the network is passed along without obstructions.


If you need assistance reviewing your network for deficiencies, contact Mojo Tech. Based in Long Island, NY, this IT consultant serves customers across the U.S. As Verizon Platinum Partners, these master agents provide high-tech solutions for businesses of all sizes. Explore the scope of their work on their website, or call (631) 604-4318 to discuss your situation.

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