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3 Reasons Routine Roof Inspections Are Important June 29, 2020

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3 Reasons Routine Roof Inspections Are Important, ,

Heavy rain, intense sunlight, and strong gusts can weaken the structural integrity and efficiency of your roof. That’s why a roofer should perform routine inspections at least once a year. Here’s why these appointments are essential.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Routine Roof Inspections

1. Identify Drainage Issues

If rain runoff can’t drain from the roofing system, moisture will saturate and deteriorate the materials. While inspecting the membrane, roofers will look for blockages in gutters and drains that cause water to overflow onto the surface. If your gutters and downspouts clog frequently, they may suggest replacing the system or adding a water-resistant coating to the roofing material.

2. Detect & Diagnose Leaks

roofersIf a roofer spots moldy shingles, rotting fascia, and other signs of water damage, they’ll look for the moisture sources. This can include corroded flashing or gaps in expansion joints and penetrations. Once a contractor knows why the membrane is leaking, they can provide repairs or a sealed coating to prevent extensive water damage.

3. Prevent Moss Growth

Moss retains water, and if this substance is growing on your roof, it isn’t allowing the material under it to dry completely. This will cause it to rot and possibly develop mold, which can spread into your living spaces and cause respiratory issues. If the inspector sees moss, they’ll likely suggest a thorough roof cleaning to remove the growth.


If an inspector has determined that your roof is worn and in danger of damage, contact the reliable team at Roof Maxx Hawaii in Mililani. These professionals will apply a natural, durable roof coating that will protect the surface from water damage and extend its life span by up to 15 years. Visit the website to get more information about their services, or call (808) 522-7663 to schedule a free roof inspection.

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