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5 Ways to Lower AC Costs This Summer May 30, 2020

Erlanger, Kenton
5 Ways to Lower AC Costs This Summer, Erlanger, Kentucky

You need your AC to keep you comfortable during the Summer. Making sure your unit is clean and efficient will not only stave off air conditioning repairs, but it will also lower your costs each month by making sure your unit does not use extra energy to function. Below are five ways to reduce your energy bills this Summer.

How to Reduce AC Costs

1. Change Filters

The first step in a more efficient air conditioner is to change or clean the air filters. They’re responsible for catching debris and allergens before they blow into your living space. Filters also keep the unit clear of debris so that air flows freely without obstructions. Additionally, they prevent your components from having to overwork to maintain temperatures. Every month, you should clean reusable filters and replace disposable ones.

2. Keep It Clean

Clean outdoor units by making sure vegetation, garbage, and other objects are not crowding or blocking the ventilation. Dust indoor units, vents, and registers, and make sure nothing is blocking airflow, like furniture, toys, or boxes. Also, inspect the coils to ensure they’re not dirty since grime can disrupt how well this component removes heat from the air to cool your home.Call Niceley’s for a professional cleaning and tune up today. 

3. Set the Thermostat

air conditioning repairUpgrade your thermostat to a programmable, WiFi model so that you can create settings based on your schedule and usage. This reduces energy waste since the AC won’t run when it is not necessary. Make sure to test the settings, so you know the thermostat is communicating with the unit, and that it is only running when you want it to. Contact Niceley’s for professional installation. 

4. Inspect Drain Lines

Drain lines are vital since they remove water after the evaporator converts refrigerant from liquid to gas. Anything from mold and algae to rodents can get inside the lines, leading to a backup and flood in your living space. Clogs will also interfere with how well moisture is removed, making your unit less efficient in its processes. Check drain lines periodically, and call for air conditioning repair if you notice any puddles or excess condensation.

5. Call for Service

Annual service with an HVAC company will keep your air conditioner running well. Loose or broken parts will be repaired, and all the equipment will be cleaned, so nothing disrupts airflow. Regular maintenance also keeps your unit running efficiently for longer, which saves you money in both energy bills and a need for a new installation.


For air conditioning repair in Northern Kentucky, contact Niceley’s Appliance Repair. The family-run appliance maintenance business offers everything from major appliance services to furnace repair and duct cleaning to keep your home safe and running well. They also provide parts for homeowners who prefer DIY appliance repair as well as a friendly staff to help you find what you need. To make an appointment for air conditioning repairs, call (859) 342-9900, or visit them online for their helpful hints.

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