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A Guide to Wasp Control in the Summer July 8, 2020

Bolivar, Polk
A Guide to Wasp Control in the Summer, Bolivar, Missouri

Wasps appear during the spring and summer, getting more aggressive and active as the seasons progress. An important part of wasp control is understanding what draws them so you can minimize the risk of them setting up home on your property. The guide below discusses wasp control and what steps to take if you spot a nest on your property.

What Attracts Them?

Wasps feed on sugar, so sweets such as soda and fruit will attract them. Make sure to keep your garbage in a tightly closed container and don’t leave food out.

wasp controlAn essential part of wasp control is also minimizing the potential nesting areas around your home. They like places that are sheltered, including the inside of walls, in barns and sheds, under playground equipment, and around roofs and awnings. Block access points to the interior of walls, and use repellent on outdoor areas that they may nest on.

What Repels Them?

Spearmint, wormwood, lemongrass, and thyme work as natural wasp repellents. Plant these around your property to help deter wasps. Another option is to spray essential oil blends of repellent plants mixed with a little water around your home in prime nesting areas.

What Treatments Are Available?

If the wasps are too dangerous to keep on your property—because anyone in your family is allergic or you’re worried about stings—your best option is to call a professional wasp control expert or exterminator. They will eradicate the nest and give you guidance on how to prevent future ones.

While pest control professionals’ tactics will vary, some may use chemicals while wearing sting-proof protective gear to kill the wasps and then remove the nest. Others may use more unconventional methods that are just as effective. Be sure to ask the professional you choose what method they’ll use so you know what to expect and if it’s safe for your pets or children.



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