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4 Signs You Need Brake Replacement Services From Midas of Bratcher Enterprises November 30, 2015

Scottsdale, Chicago
4 Signs You Need Brake Replacement Services From Midas of Bratcher Enterprises, Chicago, Illinois

It’s pretty common knowledge that your brakes are one of the most (if not the most) important safety features in your car. Without them, car accidents and injuries would happen all the time. So it’s really important that you keep your brakes in the best shape possible and bring your car in for regular inspection and brake replacement. But how do you know when they might need work?

The vehicle maintenance and repair experts at Midas of Bratcher Enterprises of Ilinnois, are here to tell you the four signs that it’s time to get your brakes replaced:

  • You hear grinding or squealing when you’re braking.
  • The brake pedal is slow to respond.
  • The brake light on the dashboard is amber (this is a sign there’s a problem with your anti-lock brake system, or ABS).
  • The brake light on the dashboard is red (this indicates a system imbalance).

When you bring your car into Midas, the highly trained technicians will do their signature 55-point inspection to make sure you’re truly safe on the road. They know every single part of a brake system on every make and model of car inside and out. If their inspection reveals that you need repairs, not only can they perform them for you, but they’ll explain exactly what’s necessary, what’s optional, and give you a price estimate first. Additionally, all the brake pads and shoes you purchase come with the Midas Lifetime Guarantee and are under warranty for as long as you own your car.

The team at Midas of Bratcher Enterprises also offers a wide range of other superior-quality services, including tire alignment, oil changes, steering and suspension repair, and much more. For over 50 years, Midas has been dedicated to keeping drivers safe on the road. Don’t trust your car to anyone less than the best. For more information, visit Midas of Bratcher Enterprises online or call the location nearest you, today.

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