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4 Signs There Is a Snake in Your House July 7, 2020

Cleves, Miami
4 Signs There Is a Snake in Your House, Miami, Ohio

The warm, summer heat sometimes entices snakes inside a home, looking for a cool, dark, and damp space to wait out the season. This can be startling—and potentially dangerous, depending on the type of snake—and you should call snake removal experts if you spot one. Below are a few indications that a snake might be in the home.

How to Spot Snake Activity

1. Shed Skins

When snakes grow, they have to molt their skin. Many snakes shed their smaller skin several times a year, leaving the excess on the ground. You may find the whitish gray, dried up skin lying on the floor of your home. If you do, then the snake is inside the residence—and is larger than when it entered. Schedule snake removal as soon as you find this shed skin.

2. Lesser-Used Rooms

snake removal

Snakes love to conceal themselves in small, dark places. They usually look for a quiet spot where they can either wait out the heat or lay their eggs. Consider the spots in your house that might welcome these reptiles. An unused basement or attic, crawlspace, or cluttered laundry room are prime habitats for the creatures. If you want to check for snakes, do not enter these spaces unprotected, as you do not know if the snake is venomous or not. Instead, use a long pole to move your belongings around.

3. Less Rodent Activity

At first, you might celebrate that your rodent infestation is no longer an issue. However, further investigation may lead you to believe you have snake activity inside your home instead. Since snakes prey on mice and rats, you might find your mouse traps empty and instead find scat. Snake droppings include a watery yellow portion, as well as a brown piece that may contain the bones of your missing rats and mice.

4. Visible Snake Tracks

Look for any S-shaped tracks on your floor or in the dirt in a crawlspace. Dusty floors make it much easier to spot these curvy tracks. Be careful if you decide to follow them. They might lead you to the snake’s hideout. The closer you get, you might also smell a musky odor that emanates from some snakes, including the rat, garter, ring-necked, and black racer snakes. These reptiles emit a foul smell if they feel threatened. Instead of investigating further upon smelling this odor, contact snake removal professionals to take over the search. 


If you believe you have snakes hiding in the home, contact A.S.A.P. Critter People in Cleves, OH. These snake removal professionals are licensed by the Department of Natural Resources and can eliminate your infestation and ensure you and your family’s safety. For 25 years, this animal removal company has been offering affordable wildlife management solutions and provides a warranty starting at one year. Call (513) 941-0258 to schedule an appointment. Visit the website for more information about their services.

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