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4 Tips for Styling a Pendant Necklace August 2, 2020

Nyack, Rockland County
4 Tips for Styling a Pendant Necklace , Nyack, New York

Pendant necklaces are a versatile style of jewelry suitable for a wide range of outfits and occasions. But with so many materials and pendant types available, you might be wondering how to wear one. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for styling your pendant necklaces with different ensembles.

A Guide to Wearing Pendant Necklaces

1. Aim for Balance

Wear a pendant necklace that balances out the various components of your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing bold earrings or a blouse with a busy print, choose a less flashy necklace with a smaller pendant. If your outfit is on the simpler side, a pendant necklace with chunky elements or lots of gemstones adds color and visual interest to an otherwise minimalist ensemble.

2. Match the Pendant to Your Neckline

JewelryThere are as many types of necklines as there are necklace styles, but they don’t all necessarily coordinate. For example, tops with turtlenecks and ruffled collars pair better with long pendant necklaces, while V-necks are more suited to necklaces with shorter chains (those measuring 15 to 18 inches).

Crew necks go with a variety of necklace styles, including short and long. If you’re wearing a halter top with a high neck, forego the necklace altogether and opt for other jewelry pieces, such as big earrings or statement bracelets.

3. Layer Necklaces Carefully

Wearing multiple pendant necklaces makes a stylish statement, but it’s important to mix and match carefully; otherwise, your jewelry can look too busy. When layering necklaces, opt for two to three simple pendant necklaces of varying lengths. Check to make sure the necklaces feature the same materials and colors to avoid creating too much contrast. Avoid layering delicate pieces with overly bold ones, as this can look imbalanced.

4. Experiment for Different Occasions

Some people like to save their jewelry for formal events, but pendant necklaces can be worn for just about any occasion. If you’re headed to the office, pair your work dress or blazer with a simple necklace that has a more toned-down pendant. For casual outfits — such as jeans and a T-shirt — try experimenting with a playful necklace that has fun textures or colors.


If you’re looking for a unique pendant necklace, Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery in Rockland County, NY, can create a custom piece for you. Their designers have more than 42 years of experience and have won multiple awards, including four DeBeers Diamonds Awards. Whether you prefer classic styles or something vintage-inspired, their staff will work with you to fashion your dream piece. Call (845) 348-0800 to speak to a representative or check out their work online.

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