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What Is a Tire Rotation & Why Is It Necessary? June 15, 2020

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What Is a Tire Rotation & Why Is It Necessary?, Newark, Ohio

You’ve probably heard that getting your vehicle’s tires rotated regularly is important, but you may not know exactly why they need to be swapped with each other. Typically, the rotation is done along with a tire alignment or when you get new tires, but it’s worthwhile to track the mileage as you do with other aspects of auto maintenance. Here’s a closer look at why rotation is necessary and what it usually involves.

Why Do You Need a Tire Alignment & Rotation?

For most cars, the tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. This is because as you drive, the tread on your tires will wear down and reduce the friction between the tires and the road surface. This makes it harder to steer and control your vehicle, which could cause an accident on wet roads or prevent you from avoiding another vehicle.

By rotating the tires every six months, you can keep the wear more even. By spreading out the wear, you’ll also extend the life of your tires, saving a good amount of money with fewer replacements.

The type of vehicle you operate will play a role in how tire tread is worn as you drive. For instance, all of the drive power is focused on two wheels with a front-wheel-drive vehicle. This means the pressure and friction on the front tires is greater than the stress that’s put on the rear tires. For this reason, rotation prevents the front tires from getting too worn. The opposite will be true with a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Even if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the rear tires may wear faster, so you should still have the tires rotated regularly.

What’s Involved in Getting Your Tires Rotated? 

Tire AlignmentVisiting an auto repair shop to get your tires rotated will help you keep apprised of their condition. The service will include an inspection of the walls and tread of the tires. The DOT date code on the tires will also be checked to ensure the tires aren’t more than six years old. Tires that are older have a greater chance of a blowout, so replacing older tires is usually recommended.

As the tires are rotated, they’ll be checked for proper balance and alignment. Once each tire is properly filled with air, balanced, and in its new position, you’ll be ready to get even more miles out of your investment.


Whether you need a tire alignment or you’ve experienced a roadside mechanical failure, prompt and reliable repair service is essential to the longevity of your vehicle. Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair is located in Newark, OH, and services the Licking County area. Backed by almost 60 years of service, the team provides skilled repair and maintenance for any type of vehicle. Learn more about their services by visiting their website. To schedule an appointment, call them today at (740) 522-4459.

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