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What to Do When an Automatic Gate Won’t Operate June 29, 2020

Waipahu, Ewa
What to Do When an Automatic Gate Won’t Operate, Ewa, Hawaii

Providing both convenience and security, commercial automatic gates are top resources for businesses. Most of the time, these features should operate without much input from those passing through. However, there may be times when they don’t open or close the way they should. To keep your gate functional, here are a few solutions to try if it doesn’t open.

5 Steps to Take When Your Automatic Gate Gets Stuck

1. Check the Power Source

Whether they swing or slide open, automatic gates rely on a source of power to open and close. If the entrance isn’t moving at all, there’s a good chance that you’ve lost power. Check the appropriate connection point, and if necessary, reset the circuit.

2. Replace the Remote Control Batteries

If your gate uses a remote control to open and close, the batteries inside the device may have died. Replace the batteries and try to operate the entrance again. If it still doesn’t open, try the following steps. However, if the other solutions don’t work, you may have a faulty remote that needs to be replaced.

3. Clean Around the Sensors & Tracks

automatic gateMany commercial systems utilize sensors or antenna receivers that may not work properly if they’re covered in debris. Sweep or wash away any dirt lingering on these surfaces. It’s also a good idea to remove any debris—such as leaves or trash—from the gate tracks to ensure smooth movement.

4. Reconfigure the Switches

Some models have a command switch that allows you to hold the gate open. If the “hold open” switch is engaged, switch it off, and the entrance should close.

You may also need to check the fire access lock to make sure it’s not engaged and keeping the gate closed.

5. Adjust the Height

When a swing gate is positioned on an incline, it may eventually have trouble maintaining proper distance from the ground. If you notice the entrance is askew or dragging, hire a gate automation specialist to adjust the height.


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