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Why You Should Attend a Wine Tasting July 1, 2020

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Why You Should Attend a Wine Tasting, ,

If you’re relatively new to the world of wine, attending a wine tasting may seem intimidating. However, the best vintners are proud to share their passion and welcome visitors regardless of their knowledge. You’ll learn a lot at the tasting, and here are some of the best reasons to attend one.

3 Reasons to Participate in a Wine Tasting

1. Develop Your Palate

During a tasting, you’ll learn how to identify subtle notes of flavor, including a few that you may never have noticed. From rich chocolate and spicy clove to crisp apple and tart cherry, you’ll be impressed by the different flavors you can identify with a little guidance.

2. Discover New Favorites

wine tastingYou’ll typically sample anywhere from four to eight wines at a tasting, making it an excellent opportunity to expand your horizon. Additionally, wineries usually pour estate and foreign bottles that you can’t get at a grocery store. Be open-minded, as you may discover a new favorite.

3. Appreciate the Process

At the tasting, you’ll be educated on each wine as you sip it, including its journey from vineyard to glass. A great deal of thought and effort is put into creating a delicious glass of wine, and you’ll hear about the winemaker’s incredible process in creating your beverage. This information will help you appreciate every sip even further.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of attending a wine tasting, head to OENO Winemaking in Kailua, HI. This winery has educated visitors about the intricate process of winemaking since 2008. Their 90-minute sessions will expose you to new flavors and aromas, expanding your palate and honing your senses. You can also sign up for their wine club to discover new favorites in each seasonal shipment. To reserve your space, reach out online or call (808) 263-6366.

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