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Why It's Essential to Memorialize a Loved One May 15, 2020

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Why It's Essential to Memorialize a Loved One, Fort Worth, Texas

As natural as it may be, the death of a loved one never quite feels that way. That’s why it’s so important to address the feelings you have and make an effort to remember your friend or family member. Memorializing your loved one, such as with a service or a monument, might be the key to working through grief. Here are just some of the reasons why this step is important.

3 Reasons to Memorialize Your Loved One

1. Unite Family & Friends

When you lose someone you love, it’s natural to feel lonely. However, it’s important to remember that the individual’s other family members and friends are also feeling the same way. When you meet up to memorialize the individual, you can take comfort in their familiar faces, and the fact that they share in your grief. Even if you weren’t especially close, talking about your feelings with these individuals will turn them into new friends, creating love out of loss.

2. Celebrate their Time on Earth

monumentFor many individuals, most anxiety about the end of life revolves around leaving a legacy behind. When you arrange a memorial service for your loved one, you can use this event to reminisce with the other attendees, sharing your favorite memories and stories about the deceased. Instead of only grieving about their death, a memorial service will celebrate their life. 

3. Create a Space to Return to

In addition to holding a service, you can design a monument for your loved one, which will mark their burial location or interred ashes. This gravestone may feature their name, when they lived, and a heartfelt epitaph that briefly sums up what they meant to those closest to them. You and other survivors can return to this monument for years to come, to rekindle fond memories and pay your respects. When you create a physical location with a message set in stone, you can ensure your loved one is never forgotten.


To start creating a headstone or marker, turn to Fort Worth Monument of Texas today. Since 1936, they’ve been helping loved ones memorialize their friends and family members. Whether you envision an engraved custom monument or a modest grave marker, they will be mindful of your needs and budget. They can also restore your loved one’s marker down the line. To learn more about this family-owned and -operated company, visit the website. You can also call (817) 625-2721 to request a free quote.

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