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Do's & Don'ts of Caring for Commercial Carpets July 4, 2020

New York, Bronx
Do's & Don'ts of Caring for Commercial Carpets, New York, New York

With customers constantly moving throughout a business, commercial carpets can experience heavy foot traffic. To preserve the visual appeal and safety of your business, you must care for your flooring daily. Below are a few maintenance guidelines to follow.


Inspect regularly.

After your business closes, walk around and inspect the carpeting. Look for any snags, rips, and areas where carpeting bunches.

Damage could lead to tripping. Block off these spots to prevent accidents and call a repair specialist to fix the damage.

Vacuum daily.

Bronx-New-York-commercial-carpetFrom dirt to pollen, several allergens can cling to the bottom of shoes. People track the particles onto commercial carpets when they enter your business.

To improve indoor air quality, vacuum the flooring each day. Experts recommend professional carpet cleaning in office buildings every three to six months, and more often in high-traffic areas.


Forget entrance mats. 

Abrasive particles can become embedded in commercial carpets when people walk around. The particles can snag fibers and create stains.

Put mats at building entrances so people can wipe their soles before coming in. Having mats down when it rains also prevents flooring from getting wet and moldy.  

Wait to deal with stains. 

When you conduct daily carpet inspections, have a clean towel and cleaning product with you. This way, you can treat stains soon after they develop, preventing them from setting.

Mix mild detergent and water to create an effective cleaning solution. Use dabbing motions to remove the stain.



For commercial carpet installation, contact the crew at O'Connor's Carpet Center. Based in the Bronx, NY, they have been providing flooring to businesses throughout New York City, New Jersey, and lower Connecticut since 1972. They work with a range of materials to help you find an option that suits your brand. Learn more about their products online and call (718) 409-2020 for assistance. 

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