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Why Should You Get a Squirrel Feeder? July 4, 2020

Lincoln, Lancaster
Why Should You Get a Squirrel Feeder?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Seeing birds flock to bird feeders in your backyard can be exciting. However, many squirrels manage to get to the seeds before the birds can. Fortunately, there’s a beneficial solution to this common issue, and that is purchasing a squirrel feeder. Below, learn about the practical benefits of putting a squirrel feeder in your backyard. 

Benefits of Squirrel Feeders 

Squirrels prefer corn and nuts to birdseed. By setting up a feeder with these snack options, they’ll stray away from the bird feeders in favor of the food they enjoy more. Not only will the birds have their food left alone, but your food will be safe, too, depending on if you grow fruits and vegetables in the backyard. 

After setting up the feeder, a squirrel can be an enjoyable backyard guest. In fact, they can actually add value to your garden. Squirrels gather nuts and bury them for safekeeping. As a result, forgotten nuts and seeds can begin to sprout and grow into strong trees.

Types of Squirrel Feeders

bird feedersThere are a variety of squirrel feeders with different ways for the squirrels to access food. One popular type of wooden feeder is weight-activated, and a panel will open immediately once the squirrel lands on the feeder in order for it to gain access to the grub.

Another feeder option has cage-like bars. If you fill the cage to the brim, squirrels can easily reach between to grab a piece of food. In addition, the metal bars are a more durable choice of material than wood, as it can better withstand the outdoor elements.

You may also want to consider a “squirrel-go-round” feeder, which is a piece of wood with five pieces of metal sticking out. The metal pieces are durable and set in a corkscrew shape so that they can be used to skewer the ears of corn. They even rotate if the squirrel needs a better angle.

There is also the jar squirrel feeder, which is a glass jar attached to a piece of recycled plastic. The jar is big enough to hold both an ear of corn and some loose food, like nuts and seeds. Plastic and glass are materials that are easy to clean and maintain, and the glass jar will allow you to see the squirrels clearly as they chow down. 


If you’re interested in purchasing a squirrel feeder, check out Wild Bird Habitat Store in Lincoln, NE. Since 1993, this award-winning company has garnered tons of positive reviews from satisfied customers. While they specialize in bird feeders, they also sell birdbaths, birdhouses, and feeders for other kinds of creatures. For more information on their products, visit them online or give them a call at (402) 420-2553.

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