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How Local Property Maintenance Company Oppenheimer Management Group Can Help You Prepare For Winter November 25, 2015

Carmel, Putnam
How Local Property Maintenance Company Oppenheimer Management Group Can Help You Prepare For Winter, Carmel, New York

Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to begin preparing for the snow. If you’re unsure where to should start, take advantage of the professional lawn care services offered by Oppenheimer Management Group. Located in Mahopac, NY, this landscaping company will take care of all your winterizing needs so you won’t have to.

For 16 years, Oppenheimer Management Group has worked to provide high-quality residential and commercial property maintenance throughout Putnam and Westchester counties. They specialize in a variety of landscaping services, including tree care, pool installation, lawn care, snow removal, and more. They understand how to properly care for a lawn all year long and will assist you in preparing for winter with these three steps:

  • Mulch Plants & Trees: Have the landscaping team from Oppenheimer Management Group spread the mulch for you in the fall, and you’ll reap the benefits in the spring. A layer of mulch protects the roots from frost and holds in the moisture that a tree requires during a cold winter.
  • Remove Dead Plants: The property maintenance professionals from Oppenheimer Management Group will neatly cut back dead or dying branches from trees or shrubs, as well as remove annuals that have died.
  • Wrap Young Trees & Shrubs: Entrust your trees and shrubs to the tree care experts from Oppenheimer Management Group. If any trees are vulnerable, they suggest surrounding them with a layer of shredded leaves. These professionals will wrap burlap around young shrubs to protect them from heavy snow and winds. Small plants will be placed under upside-down buckets.

Whenever you’re in need of lawn care services or don’t know where to begin with the winterization process, call (845) 282-7028. One of the friendly staff members from Oppenheimer Management Group will be available to answer your questions. Visit their website for a full list of landscaping services that they offer year-round.

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