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An Introduction to 3D Modeling in the Dental Industry June 1, 2020

Aiea, Ewa
An Introduction to 3D Modeling in the Dental Industry, Ewa, Hawaii

3D modeling is a cutting-edge technique that uses computer graphics to produce three-dimensional representations of objects. 3D printing takes these detailed images and makes them a reality, creating usable products. In digital dentistry, 3D modeling is used to create orthodontic appliances, dental implants, and crowns. Here’s more information about how this process works.

How Does 3D Modeling Work?

This printing process is also called additive manufacturing, and it creates physical objects by building layers of material. To do so, it uses a robotic device known as a 3D printer. A digital model serves as the reference point, which acts as a blueprint for the object. This type of printing can use diverse materials, including ceramics, plastics, and metals.

digital dentistryThe first step of printing is modeling, which is creating a digital image of the object to be printed. This image is converted to digital information using computer software. The image is presented on a computer screen, where it’s tweaked, designed, and adjusted further. Finally, the image file is sent to the 3D printer.

What’s 3D Modeling Used for in Dentistry?

Two of the most common uses for this type of printing in dentistry are prostheses and braces. For example, if a patient has lost a tooth and requires an implant, a 3D model of the jaw can serve as the reference point to create a replacement tooth that’s the appropriate size and shape.

When it comes to orthodontics, 3D printing can be used to create the aligners that are applied to teeth, helping them line up properly. These aligners are transparent and less visible than traditional metal braces. This makes them a popular choice among patients concerned with aesthetics.


Aloha Dental Laboratory in Aiea, HI, uses 3D modeling to create a variety of dental products. Their digital dentistry team has a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail, and they’ll provide you with prompt service. As a result, your patients will receive durable, reliable products the first time around. To get more information about their digital dentistry services, visit the website or call (808) 947-2877.

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