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3 Benefits of Pet Boarding July 4, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Pet Boarding , Manhattan, New York

When you need to be away from home overnight, finding someone to take care of your pets is a priority. If friends and family can’t care for your furry friend, it’s best to consider pet boarding. Entrusting the care of your pup to the experts at an animal clinic has many benefits for them and you, and allows you to enjoy your time away without worry. 

Why an Animal Clinic Is the Best Pet Boarding Choice

1. Peace of Mind 

Leaving your dog home alone for long periods can be dangerous. An unsupervised animal can get into all sorts of trouble, possibly injuring themselves or causing damage to your home. When you board them, they are supervised by trained staff in a safe environment, so you can rest easy knowing that they (and your home) are safe. 

2. Proper Care

The team is trained to provide proper care for pets, including ensuring they get plenty of exercise, eat the right food at the right time, and receive any medications they need. In fact, if your pup needs medication or extra care for special needs, pet boarding is the best choice to ensure they stay safe and healthy while you’re away.

If something does go wrong, you can rest assured that the staff is prepared to handle any type of emergency and that your pet will receive proper care. 

3. Pet Pampering

animal clinicThere is no reason that your vacation can’t be a vacation for your best friend too. Many pet boarding and animal clinic facilities offer grooming services, so your four-legged friend can have a spa treatment while you’re out of town.

From bathing and brushing to haircuts and fluffing, your pet can enjoy some pampering as well, and you can come home to a clean, fresh pet. 



If you want the best care for your dog when you can’t be there, turn to Pet Fashion & Grooming in Hudson Heights, Manhattan. You can rest easy knowing your best friend is in the best hands possible at this animal clinic and boarding facility. The trained experts will ensure your dog is safe and well-taken care of, and even provide grooming services. They also provide a full array of products and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even small rodents. Call (347) 726-9409 or visit their website for more information. 

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