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4 Types of Protection Yacht Insurance Offers July 1, 2020

4 Types of Protection Yacht Insurance Offers, Boca Raton, Florida

Having a pleasure boat is an investment as well as a peaceful getaway, so it deserves a high level of protection. While it’s not mandatory to have, yacht insurance offers a wide range of coverage along with reimbursements for physical damage. Here’s how your provider can protect you on the open seas.

What Does Yacht Insurance Cover?

1. Property Damage

This type of yacht liability covers damage made to pieces of property you don’t own, such as another boat, piers, docks, and buoys. Oil spill contamination is also included under many policies, as yacht owners are responsible for cleanup under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 up to the statutory limit.

2. Medical Expenses

insuranceYour insurance can help cover bills and expenses if you or someone else is injured on your yacht, including first aid and hospital treatments. Liability coverage also protects you against future lawsuits, including legal fees and settlements. However, you should verify with your provider that medical coverage also applies to those leaving and boarding the yacht.

3. Mechanical Breakdowns

Getting stranded is the last thing you want when you’re on your yacht. Depending on your insurance policy, your coverage offers reimbursement for fuel or oil delivery, emergency repairs, and emergency towing and assistance. Check with an agent to find out the maximum annual limit for claims pertaining to emergency labor and towing.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage provides compensation for other incidents not covered above. Depending on the policy, this could include yacht theft, vandalism, and damages caused by submerged marine objects.


Before you set sail, get in touch with Seeman Holtz for your yacht’s insurance coverage. Based in Boca Raton, FL, and serving clients nationwide, the firm provides private clients with expertise across various industries and comprehensive financial advice personalized for unique needs. Call (800) 991-3592 or head to their website for more information about their marine policies.

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