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How Are Hydraulic Hoses Used? May 22, 2020

Waiakea Ahupua`a, Hilo
How Are Hydraulic Hoses Used?, ,

In many hydraulic systems, pressurized fluid flows through short tubes or pipes to move pistons and create force. However, many applications require more mobility or larger volumes, which is where specially designed hydraulic hoses come in. These versatile components are used in almost every industry and make many types of common machinery possible. Learn more about their applications below.

How They’re Made

Because hydraulic hoses must continuously withstand immense pressure, they’re usually made with several layers. The outer layer is often constructed of a rigid protective material designed to protect the hose from sunlight, equipment damage, and extreme temperatures.

Beneath the surface is another reinforcement layer, which provides support and protects the softer, more vulnerable tube inside. Reinforcement layers are typically made from braided wire, although the specific material and design may vary, depending on the application.

The innermost tube that contains the hydraulic fluid is made from thermoplastic, synthetic rubber, or other materials that won’t degrade under pressure.

How They’re Used

hydraulic hoseHydraulic hoses are used for everything from manufacturing machinery to earth movers, diggers, and other construction equipment. The flexibility and durability of the hoses allow the machines to move freely without risking damage to their systems.

You’ll also find hydraulic hoses in a variety of agricultural equipment, handheld construction tools, and even the brake system of your car.

Designers use hoses in complex systems that may not have room for a complicated network of pipes. For example, aircraft flaps are manipulated by hydraulic systems, which incorporate both tubes and flexible hoses.


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