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Do's & Don'ts of Summer Hair Maintenance June 18, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
Do's & Don'ts of Summer Hair Maintenance, Manhattan, New York

Your summer plans might include several outdoor activities. Exposure to UV rays can leave strands faded, dull, and dehydrated. To keep your locks healthy and vibrant between trips to the hair salon, incorporate the steps below into your summer regimen.   


Use moisturizing products.

Chlorine in swimming pools, salt in seawater, and UV rays from the sun extract moisture from your locks.

To keep them hydrated, switch to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Choose organic hair products to limit exposure to harsh chemicals, which can also strip the strands. Shea butter and aloe vera, for example, are two natural ingredients that help revitalize dehydrated strands. 

Get a hat.

New-York-New-York-hair-salonThe sun’s harsh rays beating down on your head can cause scalp burns. Extended exposure to UV rays can also damage hair cuticles, which often results in split ends and unmanageable frizz.

Wear a hat outside to shield your locks and hair roots from the sun. There are also protective serums available to protect strands from UV rays. 


Wash daily.  

If you wash your hair every day, break the habit during the summer.

Although shampooing gets rid of grime, it also strips your hair of the natural oils it needs to fight dehydration in the heat. Wash it every few days to keep it moisturized. 

Wear tight hairstyles. 

If you tend to put up your strands in tight ponytails or braids, look for loose styles to sport this summer.

Keeping your hair down helps air circulate to the scalp. This prevents sweat buildup that can dry out the strands and hinder new growth.


For trims to prevent split ends and other solutions that reverse damage, visit Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City. Based in Chelsea, this hair salon has gained a loyal following of New Yorkers and visitors who want restorative treatments and organic hair products. All of their services are formaldehyde-free to keep your locks healthy. Connect with this hair salon online to see all the possibilities for your tresses and call (212) 255-9355 to discuss your needs. See clients’ new looks on Instagram

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