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3 Factors to Consider When Finding a Shipping Company June 16, 2020

Devonwood, Farmington
3 Factors to Consider When Finding a Shipping Company, Farmington, Connecticut

If your business sells a physical product, working out how to ship, maintain, and distribute inventory probably preoccupies a lot of your time and energy. Unfortunately, an inefficient supply chain can drive up costs, make filling orders more complicated, and lead to slow shipping times for customers. To counteract these problems, get a trustworthy shipping company on your side.

How to Find the Right Shipping Company

1. See If They Offer Storage

Shipping is often more cost-efficient if you can transport products in bulk, but because your inventory won’t sell all at once, you may face the dilemma of where to store it. Finding a shipping company that has warehouse space can cut your overhead costs and save you the trouble of maintaining a warehouse.

2. Find Out What Types of Shipping They Do

shipping companyAs you’re searching for a shipping company, you need to make sure their available methods work for your product needs. For example, some companies will specialize in ground transportation or naval shipping while neglecting other options. If that’s the case, you may need to find another party to handle neglected shipping needs, driving your costs up and creating an inconvenience. Whether you need ground, sea, air freight, or a combination of all three, make sure the company you pick can handle it.

3. Make Sure They Have the Right Connections

If your business involves shipping goods overseas, your shipments will have to go through rounds of complicated paperwork before they're ready to sell. The shipping company you pick should have the experience and connections needed to expedite this process and meet all regulations, so your cargo doesn’t get delayed by government scrutiny.


Make your shipping process easier with the help of Breeze Holdings, Inc. in Farmington, CT. For over 25 years, they’ve specialized in global supply chain logistics. Their services include airfreight for dry, frozen, and chilled products, and ship exports with full-container and less-than-container loads. They also have storage facilities for holding products temporarily. Learn more about their offerings on their website, and find out how you can improve your supply chain by calling (860) 777-8888.