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The 4 Most Common Causes of Foot Pain July 7, 2020

Lincoln, Lancaster
The 4 Most Common Causes of Foot Pain, Lincoln, Nebraska

The average American walks one or two miles a day, or even more if they’re chasing after toddlers or hitting the gym after work. With all of this activity, it’s no wonder that foot pain is such a common ailment, affecting millions of people every year. While a wide range of issues can cause pain in your feet, below are some of the most common reasons you might need to see a podiatrist.

4 Common Causes of Foot Pain

1. Bunions

A bunion is a large bump at the base of the big toe, typically caused by a misalignment in the joints. Eventually, a bunion can cause the big toe to bend toward the others, destabilizing joints throughout the foot. To treat bunions, your doctor might recommend special shoe inserts, anti-inflammatory medication, or even surgery in extreme cases.

2. Plantar Fasciitis

foot painHeel pain is normally caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. Wearing inserts in your shoes, applying ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can alleviate the symptoms, but severe cases may call for an evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist. 

3. Calluses & Corns

A callus is an area of thickened skin, usually caused by constant friction or pressure. In most cases, calluses are painless, but they can be tender to the touch and interfere with daily activities. Corns are small, rounded calluses that penetrate down into the skin, sometimes causing extreme discomfort.

4. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

A sprain, bone spur, or swollen joint can compress the nerve that runs through the inside of your ankle. This condition can cause shooting pains that extend from the inside of the foot down into the arch and may affect the ankle and calf. While surgical options are available to treat this common cause of foot pain, rest, anti-inflammatories, and using special shoe inserts can alleviate symptoms for most people.


Whether you’re a weekend jogger or a dedicated athlete, foot pain can be debilitating and frustrating. The medical professionals at Snyder Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation have nearly 30 years of experience treating patients throughout Lincoln, NE. They use the most advanced techniques and technology to provide the relief you need. Visit their website or call (402) 489-1999 to make your first appointment today, and follow their Twitter for updates and tips.

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