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Safety Tips Everyone Should Know About Propane Appliances, Brought to You by DeClerk LP Gas in Arkansas November 27, 2015

Pocahontas, Randolph
Safety Tips Everyone Should Know About Propane Appliances, Brought to You by DeClerk LP Gas in Arkansas, Pocahontas, Arkansas

DeClerk LP Gas of Pocahontas, AR, is the top resource for everyone in need of propane heat, propane plumbing, and every other propane service a person can think of. With the wide array of services they provide, DeClerk LP Gas also offers their customers important propane information they should now about. 

Here they share some invaluable safety tips for propane use:

  • Keep Furnace Filters Clean: One simple way to keep your home, farm, or property safe is by having the furnace filters regularly cleaned and changed. People who use propane appliances should follow how often the manufacturer suggests they be checked. Call DeClerk LP Gas for assistance with changing and cleaning furnace filters. This little preventative measure will go a long way.

  • Know How To Recognize A Leak: Being equipped with a basic propane education will substantially help people maintain a safe environment where there is propane. It is crucial for people with propane appliances on their property to know what it smells like in case there is ever a leak. Talk to DeClerk LP Gas about scratch-and-sniff pamphlets to be able to better detect the smell of propane. 
  • Avoid Gas Lines: It is also imperative to know where gas lines are located on the property so that they are not damaged accidentally during renovations and other heavy-equipment work.

For more information on propane safety tips and propane gas heaters, call DeClerk LP Gas today at (870) 892-5273. To learn about all the propane services offered by this business, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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