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How to Get Your Child Interested in Homework June 30, 2020

Rosedale, Queens
How to Get Your Child Interested in Homework, Queens, New York

After an entire day spent at school with their nose in a book, you may find your child resisting their studies at home, which can be frustrating for you and them. Fortunately, with a bit of preparation and creativity, you can turn homework into something your child will want to do, whether they are at home or at their after-school program. Below, learn a few ways you can make homework more fun for your child. 

3 Ways to Make Homework Engaging for Kids

1. Work Together

If your child is struggling to stay interested in their homework, show them how to model their behavior by working alongside them. If you don't have your own work to do, use this time to catch up on emails to colleagues or friends, pay bills, or work on a grocery list.

Sitting beside your child in quiet focus creates a common bond that makes them feel less alone in the situation. Additionally, children may thrive when given additional attention from a parent or guardian, and they may even come to look forward to these afternoon work sessions. 

2. Create a Fun Workspace

babysitterSome of the top companies in the country are implementing fun and creative workspaces for their employees. By providing comfortable, vibrant, and creative workspaces, you can create a space your children are excited to come back to each day. This can increase productivity and help boost their grades in school.

Set aside a designated space in your house just for learning. Provide a creative work station such as a standing desk and unique seating, like bean bags or a yoga ball, where your child can engage in their work. Make sure to provide all of the necessary tools, such as paper, pencils, art supplies, and any electronic devices they may need.

3. Give Them Snacks

Hungry children are easily distracted, making them unproductive and easily frustrated. Expecting a hungry child to focus on their studies after a long day at school can often end up in them shutting down completely.

Prevent this by providing a light and nutritious snack, such as cheese and fruit, veggie sticks with peanut butter, or a granola bar, for their after-school program or when they get home to ensure their stomachs aren't growling when they're trying to focus on a tricky math problem. 


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