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FAQ About Replacement Windows May 6, 2020

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FAQ About Replacement Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

Having a contractor install replacement windows on your home can help your household become more energy-efficient. While you can save money on your energy usage, you may still have concerns about the benefits this home update can provide. Here, you can review answers to some common questions that other homeowners have about vinyl windows.

FAQ About Vinyl Replacement Windows

Do replacement windows require significant structural alterations?

It’s a common concern that replacing a home’s original windows will require major construction projects that will be costly and time-consuming. However, measurements of your existing windows will be taken so that the replacements can fit perfectly. This means they will be precisely the same size and can sit in place without any other changes to the home.

Are new vinyl windows more energy-efficient?

Replacing your existing wood-frame windows with vinyl windows will eliminate the cracks and spaces that can form in the wood over time. Weak, or worn, wood-frame windows create access points that displace the air, requiring your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the same indoor temperature. Vinyl windows eliminate this problem, so you can heat or cool your home more efficiently.

How easy is it to keep vinyl windows clean? 

Replacement WindowsTraditional wood frame windows are challenging to keep clean because it is hazardous to reach the outer side of the window. With vinyl replacements, double-hung windows will tilt inwards, allowing you to reach both sides of the window frame. You can lock the window in place as you clean the glass surface and restore the window to its original position afterward. 

Do vinyl windows only come in white?

Years ago, choice in terms of style and color was limited, but today’s replacement windows have many styles to appeal to several different trends. You can choose basic white, or opt for wood grains or almond finishes. Additionally, the sleek, traditional style is still available, but you can also select sculpted forms to add character to your windows. A window contractor can help you explore the options available.


When you’re considering installing replacement windows on your home, working with an experienced contractor will make this process easier. Located in Cincinnati, OH, NuVue Products has been outfitting homes with new windows for more than 60 years. They will walk you through the process from beginning to end to ensure you’re satisfied with the service and quality you receive. To request a free estimate, contact them online, or call (513) 631-1801.

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