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Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous July 1, 2020

Norwalk, Fairfield County
Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous, Norwalk, Connecticut

A clog is a frustrating plumbing issue that many homeowners run into. When you're short on time or on a budget, it's tempting to reach for a simple over-the-counter solution over professional drain services. However, such a choice can have catastrophic consequences. Here are a few risks associated with common household drain cleaners. 

3 Reasons to Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

1. May Cause Pipe Damage

The majority of liquid de-clogging solutions utilize corrosive chemicals that essentially break down any solid materials lodged within the plumbing system. When there is a backup, the pipes can be exposed to the liquid for an extended period.

Unfortunately, these chemicals may damage the piping, requiring repair or even replacement. In such a situation, the end costs significantly exceed the minor expense of a professional drain cleaning service.

2. Release Hazardous Fumes

drain servicesA big risk of using a liquid drain cleaner is inhaling the fumes it releases. The chemicals not only harm anything they touch—including skin—but they also release invisible vapors.

Many of the fumes are toxic and pose a serious hazard to the health of anyone in the vicinity. The fumes also linger, causing health issues long after the solution was originally applied. 

3. May Not Work

While the liquid is designed to eat away clogs, there isn’t a guarantee that it will actually work. A professional drain service, on the other hand, offers the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively identify the root cause and safely treat it.

For example, a professional may snake the clog out of the drain, if the obstruction is small. If grease, oil, hair, and coffee grounds created a significant clog, a professional may use a water jetting tool to effectively cut the obstruction and loosen it up. 


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