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What Causes Low Well Water Pressure & How Can You Fix It? July 1, 2020

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What Causes Low Well Water Pressure & How Can You Fix It?, Putnam, Connecticut

With routine inspections and maintenance, your home’s water well should provide consistent service without much oversight. However, it’s still critical to know how to spot problems, especially when you experience a dip in water pressure. If your faucets aren’t flowing quite as they used to, here are a few possible sources behind the issue and how a residential water well contractor can help.

Heavy Usage

If you only notice a decrease in pressure when there are many plumbing fixtures running, the issue is likely due to heavy use. In this situation, your household is using too much water for the well to replace within a given period.

residential water well contractorFor a short-term fix, reduce the simultaneous use of plumbing outlets, such as showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. For a more permanent solution, have a residential water well contractor install a constant pressure system that will regulate and balance the flow according to current usage.  

Sediment Clogs

Even if you have an exceptional filtration system, having hard water can expose your pipes to excessive minerals. As minerals and sediment collect within the plumbing, blockages can form and prevent incoming water from flowing at a steady rate.

Resolving this problem requires a simple two-step process. First, you or a plumber will need to remove the clog. This can be as simple as removing and cleaning screens in your faucets. Once the blockage is cleared, you should have a water softener installed to counteract mineral content and prevent the issue from popping up again.

Damaged Pump

A well’s pump is the main piece of equipment responsible for transporting liquid from the aquifer to your home. If the pump is damaged, overheats, or experiences another type of malfunction, it may not be able to pull water from the well at normal speeds—or at all.

Since pumps are usually out-of-sight, you’ll need to call a professional for a thorough well inspection. Depending on what the inspection uncovers, you may need to invest in pump repairs or replacement.


When your home’s water pressure is low, Dalmik Well Drilling in Putnam, CT, can help. Serving commercial and residential clients throughout Windham County, this experienced team provides in-depth inspections to pinpoint the source of low pressure. Whether you need hydrofracturing to increase your water supply or are due for pump service, these professionals will provide a reliable fix in a timely fashion. To learn more about their services, visit this residential water well contractor online, or call (800) 922-6220 to schedule an appointment.

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