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A Guide to Shrimp vs. Crawfish May 12, 2020

Bon Secour, Baldwin
A Guide to Shrimp vs. Crawfish, Bon Secour, Alabama

Considering the diversity of animals in the sea, it’s understandable to have difficulty sorting through all the options if you’re just getting into seafood. For example, although shrimp and crawfish are often categorized together due to their similarities, they’re also quite distinct from each other. In learning about how to prepare them or what you may prefer, you’ll need to understand the differences between them first. 

What to Know About Shrimp 

With their fish-like appearances, 8-inch segmented bodies, pairs of antennae, and long tails covered in shells, shrimp mostly live in saltwater and usually are pink, brown, or white. More than 2,000 species exist, and many are known to consume parasites and fungi that they clean off other aquatic animals. They all contain generous amounts of protein and cholesterol and only a little fat. 

If you like chicken, shrimp is a great way to gradually become accustomed to the taste of fresh seafood; it tastes like a combination of chicken and fish. They’re generally crunchy, especially if you cook them while they’re still in their shells, which are perfectly edible. However, if you prefer soft and tender textures, just strip the shells and soak them in brine for half an hour before cooking. 

What to Know About Crawfish 

shrimp-Bon Secour, ALLike shrimp, crawfish have two antennae, segmented bodies encased in shells, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein and cholesterol. Unlike shrimp, however, they’re typically found in freshwater, have large front claws, and measure only three to four inches long. There are at least 600 different species. They can be many different colors, including brown, black, white, red, orange, and even green. In some regions, they’re called crayfish. 

If you’ve tried crab, crawfish will seem familiar, as they fuse the flavor of crab with that of shrimp, plus a dash of sweetness, salt, and minerals. Most are meatier than shrimp, despite their shorter length, but their taste is more subtle. Because of the spines and tough texture of their shells, the most common and recommended way to eat them is by boiling them, then tearing apart the shells and claws when they’re soft to access the meat inside. 

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