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Do’s & Don'ts of Living in an Apartment With Roommates June 29, 2020

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Do’s & Don'ts of Living in an Apartment With Roommates, Anchorage, Alaska

Living in an affordable apartment with a few roommates is a hallmark of young adulthood. A spacious apartment might be outside your budget on your own, but splitting the space and rent amongst multiple people can help you save. To avoid conflicts while living with others, keep these rules in mind as you hunt for a new place.


Set ground rules before signing the lease.

Before you sign the lease, set some boundaries with the future roommates. Whether you’re good friends or strangers, setting rules will ensure everyone’s respectful of each other’s personal space and belongings.

Also, discuss what items you’re willing to share and which belongings are off-limits. For example, you might be happy to share dishware but not cosmetics. 

Inspect the unit carefully with your roommates. 

Make sure all roommates have inspected the unit before signing the lease. While someone might be too busy and respect your judgment of the place, you don't want to be held responsible if they aren’t satisfied once they move in.

By inspecting the property together, you can decide how you’ll use the space, pick bedrooms, and ask the realtor questions about nearby grocery stores or coffee shops.


Be the only person to sign the lease. 

affordable apartmentWhen signing the lease, everyone must agree to follow the rules and pay for rent. However, if you’re the only person to sign, you’ll be held responsible if someone doesn’t pay. The same rule applies to other accounts related to the apartment, like Wi-Fi and electric bills. 

Protect your finances by making sure everyone signs the lease and putting all names on any accounts related to the apartment. Create a plan to make sure bills are paid on time and divided up evenly. 

Leave cleaning and chores to one person.

Create a system for dividing up household chores so that they don’t fall to the same person repeatedly. Include tasks like taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming common spaces.

Put a chore chart in a central location in the apartment or, if you prefer to go digital, create an online calendar. Set reminders on your phone and encourage your roommates to do the same.


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