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4 Do's & Dont's When Your Child Has a Fever June 26, 2020

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4 Do's & Dont's When Your Child Has a Fever, Bronx, New York

Parents and guardians can quickly become concerned when little ones have high temperatures. While low-grade fevers—under 100.4 F—can be managed at home, higher readings may require going to a medical center for professional attention. Below are a few do’s and don’ts to help your family get through this stressful situation.


Administer a fever reducer to relieve discomfort.

High temperatures can make children feel cold, sweat excessively, and shiver. Talk with your pediatrician about which over-the-counter medication they recommend to reduce the child’s discomfort by lowering their temperature a few degrees. Stay away from aspirin because it may increase the likelihood of developing Reye’s Syndrome. 

Encourage your little one to drink plenty of fluids and give them a lukewarm bath to help regulate their temperature. Wearing a light layer of clothing and staying away from heavy blankets may also be beneficial in encouraging sweat evaporation and lowering their body temperature. 

Monitor their temperature.

Assess your little one’s temperature every half an hour. Doctors may recommend scheduling an urgent care visit if the child’s temperature reaches over 104 F.

Infants may need medical attention if their body temperature is over 100 degrees. Use a forehead strip if you want to monitor a fever while the child is asleep, or rely on a specialized pacifier to take a toddler's temperature without a fuss.


Combine medications.

medical center New York City NYIf you administer a cold medicine, always read the label to understand the dosage and ensure you're using a variety that they support. Never combine cough medications, decongestants, and antihistamines, as the ingredients may interact and cause negative side effects or death.

Allow the fever to go untreated.

Often, a fever is a symptom of a cold and will go away in a few days when the child’s immune system fights off a bacteria or virus. Fevers that last longer than 2 or 3 days may require a trip to urgent care, as they can signal an issue, such as a respiratory disease. A pediatrician will administer medication to help lower the little one’s temperature.



Parents and guardians who are concerned about a fever should contact HDR Healthcare Network in the Bronx, NY. The company offers multiple medical centers that promote well being through pediatrics, adult medicine, urgent care, and more. Call (929) 256-5005 or visit the medical center’s website for information on their specialties, including mental health services for all ages.

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