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Single- vs. Multi-Zoned Ductless HVAC Systems May 27, 2020

Forest Hills, Queens
Single- vs. Multi-Zoned Ductless HVAC Systems, Queens, New York

Many homeowners think about how to keep cool as outdoor temperatures rise. If your HVAC unit is over 15 years old, replace it with a ductless system to improve comfort and energy efficiency. To allow you to control the temperature in each part of your home, this type of heating and cooling device comes in single- and multi-zone options. You can’t go wrong either way, but it’s helpful to be informed about which might be best for your needs. 

How do Single-Zone Ductless Systems Work?

Single-zone systems have HVAC units designed to set the temperature of single rooms. You can remotely control the climate of individual spaces and turn off the air in unused areas to save energy.

Homeowners often install these when they’re renovating, finishing attics or basements, or building home additions. They are helpful for homes that don’t have existing ductwork due to age, as adding or extending ducts is a costly and time-consuming project.

How do Multi-Zone Ductless Systems Work?

ductless systemThese systems also allow you to set temperatures for specific rooms, but each zone is connected to the same central unit. This makes multi-zone systems a ductless alternative to central air.

Multi-zone systems are often more cost-effective for cooling and heating large or multi-level homes, as refrigerant lines can travel between floors. They come with all the remote-control features provided by single-zone options.


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- Michael D., Google, August 2019 

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