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4 Questions to Ask a Property Management Company June 26, 2020

New York, New York
4 Questions to Ask a Property Management Company, New York, New York

A property management company offers many benefits, including streamlined rent collection, fewer legal troubles, lower maintenance and repair costs, and less stress for landlords. However, if you're ready to hire someone for these services, you must ensure you pick the right fit to reap all of the available benefits. Be sure to ask the following questions during interviews to make the best choice.

What to Ask a Property Management Company

Are you licensed?

Learn whether the company features a team of registered apartment managers and licensed real estate agents who have the training, skills, and knowledge to handle any issue that crops up. State licensing may also be required, depending on your rentals' locations. For example, if your properties are located in New York, the property management company must have licensed real estate agents to avoid legal hassles.

What services do you provide?

property managementRequest a full list of the company's services to ensure they'll accommodate your needs, such as overseeing staff members, creating and implementing budget strategies, supervising engineering firms, and providing general administrative services. If the company can't assist you with all your needs, they're not the right fit.

Do you outsource?

Learn whether the company's property management duties get delegated to licensed team members or outsourced to potentially unlicensed subcontractors. For example, if a rental management company works with unlicensed maintenance staff, you could face legal issues related to faulty work and tenant injuries.

How many properties do you manage?

Find out how many properties the company oversees and whether it features enough staff members to handle the workload. If you feel like the company is understaffed, look for reviews online that support your theory. Also, ask what kind of properties the company routinely manages, such as vacation homes, commercial office buildings, or multi-family buildings, so you aren't working with a company inexperienced in your industry.


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