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A Guide to the Differences Between Shrimp & Crawfish June 29, 2020

Harlem, Manhattan
A Guide to the Differences Between Shrimp & Crawfish, Manhattan, New York

When dining at a restaurant, you may notice both shrimp and crawfish on the menu. Since both crustaceans have many similarities, it can be easy to get them mixed up. While they’re both surprisingly nutritious, they also have very distinct differences. Before dining out for your next seafood meal, find out what makes each creature unique. 

How Are Shrimp & Crawfish Different?

One of the fundamental differences between shrimp and crawfish is their size. Shrimp are larger, growing up to 8 inches, while crawfish range between 3-6 inches long. Their habitats are also a defining factor—shrimp need saltwater to survive and thrive in oceans, but crawfish prefer freshwater and live on the muddy bottoms of rivers, lakes, and swamps.

seafoodVisually, crawfish are recognizable for their lobster-like front claws. Shrimp are better defined by their tail and several sets of legs used for various activities like feeding, walking, and swimming. Crawfish range in color from bright red and orange to green, black, or white. Shrimp are pink, white, or brown. 

Are They Nutritious?

For all their differences, shrimp and crawfish have one basic thing in common: they’re both nutritious. Both have a strikingly low calorie percentage while being significant sources of protein.

These crustaceans are also high in vitamins and minerals. Both are full of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron. Magnesium can enhance bone health, lower the risk of diabetes, and even reduce anxiety. Zinc fights inflammation while improving your immune responses, and iron eases gastrointestinal functions while regulating body temperature. They also provide a healthy source of vitamin B, which helps to boost eyesight, digestion, and red blood cell growth, and can even increase your energy levels.


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