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4 Types of Office Floor Plans June 25, 2020

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
4 Types of Office Floor Plans, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Office layouts significantly impact the productivity and comfort of your employees. If you’re renting a new office space, you should consider the most popular options to see which will fit your needs the best. Below are a few favorites and the benefits that each offers.

Office Space Floor Plans to Explore

1. Cubicles

Cubicles are one of the most recognizable office designs, and they have a negative reputation. However, they create order and privacy so that you maximize square footage and create easy travel paths. Many employees find the privacy helps them focus better, and when you seat collaborative departments near one another, you’ll create a better workflow. Your employees will not have to travel across the office with questions for their coworkers, and they can continue being productive.

2. Open-Concept

office spaceOpen-concept floor plans are the opposite of cubicle layouts. These designs are bright, spacious, and usually feature long desks and segmented workstations. They’re excellent for companies where communication and collaboration supersede privacy, such as tech startups, news organizations, and marketing firms. They’re also an affordable solution, as you do not have to buy individual dividers to put between the desks.

3. Clusters

The cluster design utilizes both open-concept and cubicle design elements. Offices focus on organizing departments in individual areas so they can work while having fewer distractions. The sales department may share a pair of long desks while the programming department may have roundtable stations. You can add amenity and communal clusters for dining and relaxing, so everyone can still mingle.

4. Private Offices

Private offices are essential for giving high-profile employees privacy and quiet meeting areas. They’re often near the border of the room and away from amenity spaces. However, they can be isolating, which is why many employees choose glass walls. You should couple this design with either cubicle, open-concept, or cluster designs to maximize space. Also, consider dedicating a few private offices as conference areas for the team.


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